Feeling Like A Queen at the Dior Cafe in Saint Tropez France

Sometimes in life, you just have to treat yourself! You know, when you abandon all thoughts of frugality and recklessly splurge on something that will provide great joy and memories for the rest of your life. Such was the case when I ‘lunched’ at the Dior des Lices Cafe in Saint Tropez France; one of the best, unique dining experiences I’ve ever had. This was my afternoon to feel like a Queen♕, leisurely dine, and take a peek inside the House of Dior fashion boutique.

House of Dior Boutique Saint Tropez France

Saint-Tropez France 

In addition to being home for mega yachts, the rich and famous, and streets lined with legendary fashion houses, this historic port town is home to Trés (very) chic dining. Here, you discover petite boulangeries tucked away on narrow streets, and cafes that beckon you to ‘be seen’ by wandering tourists wearing 5-figure apparel - no joke. It’s celebrated for Brigitte Bardot, beaches, Bentley’s and everything that says Hello French Riviera.  

Dior des Lices Shielded by thick garden walls, you enter through a hefty pillared gate into a Monet-worthy garden.🌼The courtyard setting boasts soft colored umbrellas, bold flowers, and a popular photo-opt ‘Dior' sign. Immediately, I felt a little prettier and stood taller. A grand staircase leads up to the multi-story Dior fashion house boutique. $1500 t-shirt anyone?!?

Sandi Solomonson standing in front of Dior Cafe sign

French Champagne S‘il Vous Plaît

I was greeted by a most débonnaire French speaking Maître ď who encouraged me to enjoy some French Champagne whilst my table was prepared. At least, I think that’s what he said.😳 There’s just something that melts the feminine heart when you hear a Frenchman say, ‘Champagne’…or anything else. He could have told me I look like a sack of old potatoes and I still would have cooed and flashed a girly, flirty smile. Here, I felt elegant - like a lady. It helped that I dressed in my best, solo female traveler clothes that weren’t too thread barren. 

“I only drink Champagne on 2 occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.”
                                               Coco Chanel
Dior Cafe fork and knife Saint Tropez France

This was my special day to just say, “Feed me.” And that - they did! In Lunching With Dior VIDEO, you get to share the experience and hear my bashful waitress, her voice like warm butter, preparing me for the upcoming feast. Yes, I had to have a friend interpret this just for you!

Hors ď oeuvre - House Focaccia with sliced Mortadella and fresh Tomato Sauce

Le plat de résistance - Slow cooked Lamb, Gratin of Dauphinoise Potatoes cooked a la Françoise

Le dessert - Panna Cotta with seasonal fruits such as berries and fresh figs

Boissons - Champagne, White Wine, and earthy, monogrammed coffee

Total Price - $135.00

Solo Female Traveler Mental Wellness

When you solo female travel for months in foreign speaking countries, it’s easy to neglect your dress code; along with shaving your legs and regular haircuts. So, pulling myself together, and going out for a magical lunch with bone china, soft jazz🎵, and people who called me ‘Madame’ was food for this little oysters mental well-being.

Sitting at my bistro table, sipping my Charred-foam Cappuccino, listening to multiple languages, and Dior-monogrammed-everything, I felt a smidgen of ‘Oh, I wish I could share this moment with someone’, yet exuded a confidence, knowing I’m daring to live my best life. 

Panna Cotta at dior Cafe

Unlike America, in France, you are expected to take your time dining; to savor each dish, appreciate your surroundings, the freshness of ingredients, and make it an occasion. Here, you are never rushed by pushy millennial waiters who grunt and need a bath. And to experience Côte ď Azur cuisine first hand is something I am doing exceedingly well at, thank you very much!!

Finishing my dazzling feast without a thought for calorie count, I popped into the Dior boutique, said ‘no thank you’ to a $6,000 dollar handbag, admired the timeless craftsmanship of the name-sake Christian Dior, then ventured out to wander narrow streets, filled with more delights than my senses could absorb. 

Feeling Like Royalty

I hadn't felt like a Queen since Tea With A Robot In Cobham England.  An adventure worth the read. 

So, what is your ‘therapy’ when you need to feel like a royalty? As always, leave a comment. 

As I write this article, I feel a surge of joy, nostalgia, and the lifelong memory of lunching at Dior. Cheaper than that $1500.00 t-shirt, my $135.00 lunch was a bargain. And the memories? Priceless. 

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Thanks for sharing in the adventure, 

Signature for Sandi Solomonson

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