Have you ever wondered what happens "behind-the-scenes" of travel? You know, the unexpected stories and shenanigans that make it worth the logistical nightmare? And, what products and services actually work for travel?

Go Silver Oyster focuses on sharing travel experiences with you; to laugh (often at my own expense), learn from my mishaps, and serve up moments that arouse YOU to risk, reach, and boldly strap on your travelin’ shoes. And all through the lens of a smarty pants 50-something-year-old.

I slow travel with purpose; to absorb day-to-day life in new cultures. As a freelance writer, I work remotely, pet sit, and live abundantly. I slay foreign bus schedules, botch language barriers, conquer cultural differences, and lay it out before you in an authentic manner. After all, haven’t we all had enough of carefully edited lives?

Through these stories, I hope you evaluate your life and get inspired to do whatever throws you out of your comfort zone. So, pour yourself a glass of goodness and enjoy a story...or two.

The world is your oyster; let's open it and find the pearls of life that await.

Let’s Go Silver Oyster!

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    This blog was born out of a desire to inspire through travel stories. Like the author, it is a work in progress. I want to educate and embolden you to dream, risk, and seek out your pearls of life. All with a splash of sassy.

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