Welcome to Go Silver Oyster, your resource for global travel stories, products,  and inspiration.

I’m Sandi, a “50-something” former real estate agent from Reno, Nevada. A California native, raised on the Oregon coast, I’ve called Nevada home since 2006. While it’s been good to me, I’ve always desired to travel the world and live on an ocean…any ocean! 

In 2013, while playing piano in Shanghai, a gentleman posed the question, “You stay, you play!?!”... Since then, that question has stuck with me like heartburn after too many Jalapenos on a Taco.

As a single lady, why couldn’t I see the world and inspire others to reach for their dreams?

The next 5 years were filled with a “not-so-straight-line” preparing to leave my beloved USA. At my age, you don’t just pack your bags and go, you have mountains of logistics to subdue. Alas, in January 2019, I launched my new chapter in life with international adventure. Since then, life has offered up twists and turns, including living on a boat, conquering fears, and embracing my purpose, which is to motivate other “mature adults” to demand more from life.

This blog was born out of a desire to inspire you through travel stories; to educate and embolden you to dream, risk, and seek out YOUR pearls of life.

Let’s Go Silver Oyster!

Sandi on Boat