The Phoenix...err...make that, The Carpe Diem Rises!

A quick update for all y'all. 

You may recall, last October, while yachting the DelMarVa (stands for Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) Loop, we crashed, badly, on day 4 of 21. Taking on water meant an emergency escort to the closest marina, hoisting our 28,000 pound "Big Heifer'' out of the water with us still on board,  quickly packing an overnight bag, sitting in shock at sunset on the dock, sharing a beer from a gracious boater. “Thank you, Mr. I don't recall your name, for taking pity on us.” Oh, and find a hotel in "backwoods" Delaware. That night, we drank a glass, or 3, of therapy...aka…whiskey for Jeff, red wine for yours truly, and split Prime Rib with copious amounts of white bread at a nearby Texas Roadhouse Restaurant. Yes, we were in shock, and rightfully so.

Moving Off The Boat

The next few days consisted of moving everything off the boat, while at dry dock (pray you never, EVER have to do that), loading up a rental van, and moving in with Jeff's generous family. We stored our meager belongings in the corner of a garage, and focused on repairs. Jeff was able to get the bottom damage temporarily patched, and with the help of a buddy, moved our crippled boat back down to Solomons Island, Maryland; a long 2-day, cold winter journey. These 2 guys ate gross food, drank, froze to death, and slept in sub-zero sleeping bags. You know, typical male good times. Meanwhile, I was busy pet sitting, and took a hall pass on that trip. Fwehh!


To add to our (in)sanity, we completed 4 PET SITS, took 2 trips, thus coming and going from Solomons a whopping 14 times in 60 days. By January 1st, we were pooped.💩

Freezing At The Helm

Thank you Lawd, repairs were completed ahead of schedule in early January. I was able to crank out a hand surgery for 2 trigger fingers, and now...DRUM ROLL PAHLEEZ...we have moved from Solomon's to Baltimore, MD for a minimum of 3 months. Can I get an “AMEN” for access to diversity including activities, cuisine, history, and hey, let's throw down some live music, just for kicks. Hell, I'll take any culture at this point. Yes, I'm more excited than a high school football team at a pizza party. 

So, early February found us busy, busy moving back onboard, in bone-chilling, see-your-breath, weather. It's amazing how much you forget living 4-months on land. I got my boaters language twisted around, tried to recall what-went-where, and, somewhere in all the chaos, misplaced my sea legs, repeatedly losing my balance and holding on to stair railings that I used to fly up and down on hands free. We spent our first night back aboard, with an early Sunday launch. In a numbing 21 degrees, we motored  for an 8-hour, "Oh dear God, my body is frozen" journey to Baltimore. So, when were you last super cold? Share it. 

Cold, But Excited, But Cold...

We were greeted by the dockmaster who led the charge in securing us to the dock. Good thing as we were frost-bitten, wind-chapped, and running on our last grey cells from shivering for 8-hours. Did you know, according to Google, shivering burns 60 calories an hour? So hey, I burned an extra 480 calories on the journey. Woot, Woot! Besides being numb to the bone, we were in desperate need of steaming soup, cocktails, and hot showers. All achieved! We slept in our super comfy bed, complete with flannel sheets. It's the simple things in life that you appreciate; like air, food, a good mattress, and chocolate.

It's been a long, long, did I mention...long winter. I feel blessed for the generosity of family and friends during our 4-months of "homelessness." I feel blessed that        
                                                               Jeff and I haven't killed each other; although there were a few times...😂

Hello Baltimore, Maryland

I am grateful the boat wasn't totaled in the accident, we can still travel during this pandemic, that we have each other, that Jeff likes pet sitting, and that my life is full of abundance. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.

The Carpe Diem rises again.

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