Some Of My Top Picks For Plymouth England

OK; I've traversed the globe enough to say southern England (in summer) is one of my favorite destinations-so far. Take Plymouth. In spite of cramming my days full of sights and activities, alas, only the surface of this historic harbor city was scratched. 

Atop Smeaton's Tower Lighthouse

So, with this being my 3rd post about Plymouth, I'm going to pack in some my favorites for you to enjoy when you visit. Many of these are within walking distance so go ahead, help yourself to an extra pastry.

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1) St Andrews Church-Although this church has stood for over 1200 years, the tidbit of history that struck me was March 1941. With WWII in full swing, this historic place of worship suffered massive damage during the blitz, resulting in a burned out, collapsed shell. In 1943, with war still raging, citizens cleared the rubble, planted lawns and garden beds. Regardless of weather and war, parishioners met for Sunday services, thus giving this church the name The Garden Church. What a testament to the British people.


2) The Hoe-This expansive park overlooks the Plymouth Sound and hosts a number of sites, memorials, cafes, and incredible views. Perched on top is The Royal Citadel; a fortress that's been in use since 1665. Plan on at least a half day to explore, pay respects, and if Mother Nature cooperates, put your face in the sun.

Large Scale Model Of The Mayflower

3) Mayflower Museum/Steps-As an American, this is a must see. Located across from each other, think of this          as a 2 for 1. 

4) Plymouth Distillery-Start your day off with a step back in time with a historic tour...and tasting. Slurp! Or, you can read up on my Shenanigan's Here

5) The Barbican-The western and northern sides of Sutton harbor, this area boasts the highest concentration of cobbled streets in Britain. Having escaped much of the destruction from the Blitz, it retains a fishing village vibe. Walk around, shop, and munch (again).

So, if you're seeking a big bang for your vacation dollar, er...British Pound, check out Plymouth. You'll leave with a variety of experiences and some additional British pounds around your waistline. 😄

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