Dover Castle-England

It was a cold, drizzly "summer" day with a dampness that nipped at your bones. As a group of us strangers huddled at the bus stop, a lady in her "late 40's" walked by, fanning her clammy, menopausal face. It was such an out of place scene that people followed her with a confused gaze. I wanted to tell her the hot flashes will pass and eventually stop. 

Dover Castle, Dover, England

Loaded with eager visitors, including yours truly, the public bus climbed up the winding hillside. Rounding a corner, you are awe-struck by the sheer size of this castle/village which has gazed down below for over 800 years. The theme song for Gilligan's Island is stuck in my head; go figure.

The Mighty Dover Castle

Dover Castle ranks high on my top English sites. Why? Well, the exhibits, including ancient tunnels, the royal dining room set for a feast, the king's apartment furnished with period pieces and burning fireplaces, the church, a Roman lighthouse, and the enormous castle kitchen, outfitted so you can see how a working royal kitchen would have hummed along back-in-the-day. Of course, this is in additional the my previous post, highlighting the tunnels of Operation Dynamo.

Complete with helpful docents; this is a well thought out, must- see ancient site. Crossing a real draw bridge (when was the last time you did that?), time slows as you explore this coastal fortress. As usual, I could ramble on about the history; instead, I invite you to read up on Dover Castle. 

Feelin' Like A Queen

TRAVEL TIP: Plan on spending a full day here; be sure to pack some snacks and water as the little café had limited hours the day I visited.

The entrance fee of £20.90 (about $25.00) may be considered a bit steep, especially since it's a self-guided tour, with no information; just a drizzly little map. Personally, with the collection of sites, I find this to be a bargain. Did I mention the fa-abulous gift shop?

So, if/when you take a trip to England, include Dover Castle in your itinerary. For now, enjoy this little VIDEO of my special day out. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my coronation. 

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