Best Turkish Towels on Amazon for Small Space Living and Travel


When it comes to small space living, plush bath towels are a pain in the “assets.” After struggling with how much storage space they require, how long they take to dry (especially in humid climates), and the fact they only serve 1 purpose, to dry aforementioned assets, I began to re-think my relationship with the iconic bath towel. 


Best small space turkish towels

Enter the Turkish Towel and your Auntie Sandi Review. Dating back to the 7th century, these wonders of joy were created by the Romans (of course), and popularized by Turkish bathhouses. If you want to sound real “international”, they are also known as Hammam or Fouta towels. And I just discovered them in 2021? Lawdy Lawdy.

After much research and testing, 2 brands of Turkish Towels get the gold ribbon. In this review, you’ll see they are multi-purpose, durable, quality crafted, and offer a variety of colors. Amazon purchase links are below for each product - you’re welcome. 


Turkish cotton fibers are longer, resulting in stronger, smoother cotton threads. With use, the towels become progressively softer, fluffier, and more absorbent. The Cons? To be honest, I really haven’t found any…it’s all angels and butterflies for these products.


  • Beach, poolside, gym, or bathroom shower
  • Great picnic blanket substitute or picnic table cover
  • Camping, RV, boating, outdoor enthusiast necessity - can I get an Amen?
  • A light naptime blanket - Captain Jeff agrees
  • Fabulous, creative gift idea
  • Quick dry for musty-free use


Machine wash, cold water, then pop them in the dryer for about 5 minutes, remove, give a good snap, and hang up. They dry quickly! Please don’t cook them in your dryer. Please don’t cook anything in your dryer. Using fabric softener (yuck) or bleach will make them less absorbent. I use dryer balls for softening minus the nasty chemicals.  


  • Don’t settle for anything less than 100%, pre-washed Turkish cotton
  • Choose the larger size (around 35 x 70), you’ll enjoy more variety of use
  • Living where there’s armies of blood-sucking insects, I opted for neutral colors
  • Wash them before initial use

So, grab your new swanky Turkish Towel to dry off, cover up, wrap up, or gift. They’re Auntie Sandi Approved for durability, function, and quality. 

Demex Turkish Towel

Demmex 100% Organic Turkish Towels

Thicker in weight, 36” x 71”, 17 colors (I bought the Diamond Weave), fringe bottom which protects the integrity. Useful as a light blanket, towel, table cover, or anytime you want some extra structural integrity.

Check it out on Amazon

WetCat 100% Cotton


Thinner in weight, 38” x 71”, 24 colors (I bought the striped version). They make a great towel, beach coverup, table cover and require miniscule storage space (yay!) 


Check it out on Amazon


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