American Friiied Chicken...And Candy! A Tooth For One!

What's the big Hi-Ho about these 2 signs? Well, before you roll your eyes and let out an American "UGH" of disdain, realize that these 2 businesses are in Jolly 'Ol England.

At the American Candy store, this one being in Canterbury, England, you'll find bottled sodas named "Osama Bin Laden Seal Ya' Later" or the ever popular Pop Rocks and new arrivals of Japanese snacks. 

USA Fried Chicken was in the small parish of Wantage where I pet sat Lily, the ultimate diva kitty  A highly recommended, fantabulous place to visit. But, imagining this concoction of cuisine and being a self-proclaimed American foodie, I simply rolled my eyes and let out an "UGH" of disdain. 

Seeking out another version of the English Pasty and a pint sounds like a better idea than heartburn and a trip to the dentist. 

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