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With the increase in remote workers and digital nomads, more people are seeking ways to incorporate travel into their changing lifestyles. How do you slow travel around the globe without breaking the bank, experience day-to-day life of a country, and still be able to work? And what if you have pets, want to travel more, yet ensure your fur-babies stay in the comfort and familiarity of their home? Well, hello pet sitting; a perfect solution for travelers who wish to chew on a new culture like a dog on a bone.  

Today, let’s review Trusted Housesitters, the #1 platform which plays matchmaker for homeowners and petsitters. Trusted Housesitters (which I’ll refer to as THS) is a global platform that, since 2010, has connected pet sitters with home owners in over 130 countries. Now, that’s a lot of animal luvin’. 

Gray and white cat inside a backpack“Mr. Troubles” Moves Into My Backpack-Greece

Disclaimer: This review is based on my 3 years of solo female pet sitting, both domestically and internationally; full-time. It is qualified, honest, and not sponsored. This also means I’m not going to sugar coat anything. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. My goal is to educate and inspire you to slow travel with purpose. 

What Exactly is Pet-Sitting?

It’s a free exchange that brings together people for mutual benefit. In a nutshell, whether a homeowner or pet sitter, you subscribe with an annual membership to platforms like THS and enjoy connecting globally with like-minded travelers. The pet sit is based on mutual trust, free exchange, and a love for animals, which may include dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, rodents, and even livestock. On occasion, there are no pets. Just a homeowner seeking care for houseplants, a garden, or a presence at their home.

6 Reasons Why I Use Trusted Housesitters As My Primary Site:

  1. Website - The user-friendly website allows you to search for pet sits or sitters. A slick global map shows the number of available sits for regions around the world. I recommend setting up specific searches which will notify you when a pet sit is available in, say, Costa Rica. Search filters allow homeowners and pet sitters alike to modify according to location, ratings, or gender, and more. Gender, you say?!?...Yes, gentlemen, there are some animals who freak out around men. Don’t get your tail in a twist. 
  2. The App - The THS app is great for staying in touch on the go with homeowners or sitters. This little treasure has come in handy maaaaany times over.
  3. Safety - Both parties are verified with references, ID, address, and pre- agreement video chat. As a solo female traveler, I appreciate this.        Plus, THS has excellent rankings.                                       Trusted Housesitters Trust Pilot Rating                                       Trustpilot 4.7 Ratings 
  4. Both parties are reviewed - Using a 5-star rating system, pet sitters receive a review, homeowners receive feedback. This equal exchange keeps the level of integrity high. No one wants a bad review or poor feedback about little Mitzi biting a neighbor.
  5. Connections - Over the years, I have enjoyed the privilege of meeting incredible kick-ass, inspirational, hysterical, quirky, accomplished people. Many I call friends. THS encourages a sense of community; that’s something to purr about.
  6. The Beloved Welcome Guide - This is a life saver. I’ve been known to just hold and stroke a Welcome Guides. Homeowners complete this guide in advance, which provides 6 categories of information. Where’s the breaker box, what time does Fifi eat, what’s the personality of Bonzo the Lizard? When is trash day? Who are the emergency contacts? All in your beloved Welcome Guide. Make sure you read it BEFORE arrival and have the homeowners provide a printed copy at the home for speedy reference.
Trusted Housesitters Welcome Guide

                             Your New Best Friend - The Welcome Guide


Pro’s - Straight From The Horse's Mouth!

  • THS offers 3 annual membership levels. Perfect for just sticking your toe in the fish tank, or goin’ all in. I consider these prices to be a genuine bargain. Just think of the dinero you save by not paying for some sterile hotel in Washington DC. Plus, they offer a Combination Membership for homeowners who need a pet sitter, but wish to pet sit themselves. Basic $129.00 Standard $169.00 Premium $259.00. It’s important to note that the higher the membership, the more benefits you receive. 
  • Live Like A Local - I’ve conquered French washing machines, British ovens, broken water mains in Greece, and cared for an adorable pup that had to go to the vet in Virginia. These experiences add to your memories far beyond the 9:00 A.M. bus tour. Even pet sitting locally, your level of experience is more fun than a litter of puppies. 
Lady crouching in grass with 2 dogs

                  Working Off Some Calories with Riley & Mina - Virginia USA

  • Do it for the right reasons - It’s all about the pets! Not you and the 30 gazillion historic site you want to explore in 7 days. THS promotes this attitude with a code of conduct that both parties agree to prior to the sit. Additionally, THS partners with Animal Welfare Sanctuaries to promote rehabilitation, adoption, and community initiatives. That tells me they have their paws in order.
  • As a solo female traveler, the pets provide great company, especially if you’re in a foreign, non-English speaking country. I thoroughly enjoyed my Day Trippin’ In Oxfordshire England, returning back to giddy Guinea Pigs (and 1 Diva kitty), ready to clock some lap time.

Con’s - Hold Your Horses!

  • If you’re just starting out, applying for sits can be a little daunting. Waiting for a response - ugh! Thank the Fur God’s, the site is super easy to use. Applying to multiple sits and possibly being 1 of 20+ applicants can test your doggedness. Stick with it. Once you get your first sit under your collar and get a 5-star review, you’re on your way. 
  • When filtering your search criteria, the website won’t allow you to choose no pets plus specific pets. Let’s say you’re open to pet sitting cats, reptiles only or no pets; you must create 2 different searches; one for pets, one for no pets. Kindof a bummer. 
  • Not all benefits are included with each level of membership. I understand it’s to encourage you to raise your membership level. I’m ok with this as membership is a bargain. Still cheaper than those potty training lessons for Dukey Boy.
  • It’s not for everyone. Are you comfortable staying in someone else’s home? Are you neat and tidy? Do you go above and beyond? Do you follow instructions? Are you a problem solver? The TOP priority for a pet sitter is to care for the animals and home. Period!

Lady at Calstock train station

Catching The Train In Calstock England 

  • As a sitter, you must list your city and state or residency, which if you’re a digital nomad, may give inaccurate search results. Scenario: my home base is Reno, Nevada. If a homeowner from Chicago is searching for a sitter based on location, in spite of my flexibility to go anywhere, I may not show up in the results. Still, if you’re utilizing the search filters, you’ll receive notifications for pet sits in areas of your choice.


 Trusted Housesitter discount subscription


Is pet sitting safe for solo female travelers?

Uhhhh…YES! THS utilizes a comprehensive fact checker to verify both homeowners and pet sitters information. This includes a background check, ID verification, and references. Before  agreeing on a sit, I always have a video conversation with the homeowners to meet them and their critters. It’s helpful to put a face…or…whisker, with the name.  

What if the pet gets sick during your sit?

THS has a 24/7 vet service with Standard or Premium Membership. Make sure the homeowner provides local vet contact information in the Welcome Guide. And, if you’re pet sitting without transportation, have a pet carrier ready or use one of the homeowners emergency contacts to provide transportation.

Trusted Housesitter Vet Help Line

3 Cheers for the Vet Advice Line & THS Perks! 

I have to pay a membership to watch someone’s animals and home?

Your kibble-sized annual membership provides you the opportunity to travel, minus the boring hotels, unsafe hostels, and crappy tourist food. Over the years, I have saved tens of thousands of dollars on travel by pet sitting and cooking more of my own meals. Oh, the memories I have consumed, exploring open markets in Saint Tropez, France. Or the time in Greece when I purchased a fish  having no idea what kind it was, cooked it up at the house, and dined el fresco on the patio. Can’t do that from your hotel room on the 39th floor.

Who pays for the travel?

As a pet sitter, you pay for your own transportation. There have been times when a homeowner allowed me to use their vehicle or have paid for a rental car. As a solo traveler, I primarily select pet sits that have good public transportation, especially overseas. Keep it simple sweetie. 

Does THS offer support?

Yes - chat, message, or a phone call. As an England based company, keep in mind they are on the “Queens” time.

Do I Really need a pet sitter? Here’s What THS Has To Say:

  1. Vets agree, pets are happier at home when owners travel. A trusted in-home sitter will allow your pets to stay in familiar surroundings and maintain their usual routine, so you can avoid the stresses and costs of kennels and boarding.
  1. Your home and garden will be cared for, too. Enjoy the peace of mind that you'll return to a clean and tidy home, with plants thriving.
  1. Homes are more secure when they are occupied. A sitter can also help to protect your property from storms, flooding or burst pipes.

As a homeowner, what do I need to know?

THS includes comprehensive guides for owners and sitters who are in the “kitten” stage of this free exchange. Based on my experience, I’m including  Hosting Your 1st Pet/House Sitter? 6 Tips Owners Should Know  just for you newbie homeowners. You’re welcome. 

Map showing Trusted Housesitters available locations

Opportunities in over 130 countries?

Yes! THS represents a global network of like-minded, trustworthy homeowners and pet sitters. You need to keep in mind that some cultures embrace this barter system, while others are still warming up to the idea. You’ll find amazing opportunities wherever your wanderlust takes you. 

                         Where Will You Start Your Global Adventure                                                                        LEAVE A COMMENT

BONUS - Lettin’ The Cat Outta The Bag for getting noticed as a pet sitter: 

Your profile is the key to success. Spend time curating a thoughtful profile that focuses on:

  • Who you are, why we pet sit, mention animals, any skills with animals such as being able to give medications, quality character references from people you’ve pet sat for in the past (think family/friends). Consider the other party's perspective, clearly communicate your expectations, do any pets have medical requirements?  I encourage you to craft a meaningful profile with gratitude, personality, honesty, and quality photos.


There are multiple pet sitting platforms to hitch your wagon to. And, for the record, Trusted Housesitters is not the only site I use to secure pet sitting opportunities. Yet, if you’re looking to expand your travel opportunities, practice responsible tourism, and contribute to an amazing community, I hope you consider Trusted Housesitters. Fair warning, pet sitting is addictive.

So, don’t be sheepish, like a dog on a bone, make a beeline to get the lion share discount below. You’ll purr all the way to your next destination. Couldn’t resist…


Trusted Housesitters discount offer

Ready to join the pack? 

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