7 Unique Reno Outdoor Fall Adventures

Ever ridden in a Pedi-cab or grabbed a morning hike with an adorable goat? Ya, didn't think so! How about feeling the rush of a Falcon, Hawk, or Owl landing on your arm? Awe-inspiring! 

Truckee River Reno in fall

Although summer has given way to fall colors, don’t think for one second that the fun is over. As an “Old-Timer” from Reno, I’ve discovered 7 unique, Reno-specific fall outdoor activities so you can bundle up, grab some friends and family, and head out for a day of incredible adventures. Many of these are family-friendly, offer scheduling flexibility, and would make a more positive, impactful holiday gift experience than, say, watching Rudolph for the 80th time. Lawd hep’ us. All tours are through Viator, so you know they're reputable and Auntie Sandi Approved. 

My point is this: we work hard, get into a rut of home-delivery meals, and meanwhile, life keeps ticking away. So, instead of binge-watching this weekend—book an adventure, feed your soul, and add a new “I did that!” to your life list. 


What To Pack For Your Fall Reno Adventures

Yellow fall trees with women throwing leaves

Since you’re going to be outside, I recommend dressing for cooler weather. We all know Sierra mountain weather changes its mind quicker than any woman. So, be mindful. Here are my top recommendations for what to bring for your fall outdoor adventure in Reno. 

  • A sturdy crossbody bag or simple daypack
  • Camera…cuz yooz gonna be takin' mucho photos
  • Appropriate clothing - coat, gloves, hat, scarf, socks, comfy walking shoes
  • Snacks and Water
  • Friends or family who love new adventures and making new memories
  • Layer your clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Cash to leave a gratuity for your tour guide

Distillery Tour & Tasting Flight 

Whiskey bottle on counter

Most distillery tours are simply dressed-up tasting flights with a quick trip past the equipment, guided by someone with very little understanding of their spirits and how they are made. At Ferino Distillery, prepare to enjoy a more intimate experience, learning the personal connection behind Cannella's family history and its intersection with the ancient origins of flavored spirits in Southern Italy. In short, this is not your typical vodka/gin/whiskey distillery - come with a sense of adventure and you'll leave with some great memories - and perhaps some liquid mementos! CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR

Experience Raptor & Falconry 

Raptor landing on human arm outside

Attendees are given the opportunity for a unique experience into the life of a Raptor with an up close and personal encounter with Hawks, Falcons, and Owls. With the assistance of a licensed Falconer, you will learn the biology, conservation, field identification, traits, behaviors, natural history, and the importance of raptors. Following a brief instruction, guests will be fitted with a gauntlet and join a trained Hawk on a short walk. Witness the agility and skill as she flies from perch to perch while swooping back to the Falconer’s gauntlet. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR

Morning Hikes With Goats 

Goats hiking in the desert

Explore the Sierra Nevada Mountains with a pack of furry friends on this fun excursion. Join a small group of humans and goats to hike through the mountains. The goats wear saddles and panniers, meaning they can carry your jacket or water while you walk. This is a great way to start your day and by the end, you will have a new furry friend. Take in the views of the Sierra Nevada on your walk. Snacks and bottled water are provided. A small group means a personalized experience. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR!

Biggest Little Pedicab Brewery Tour 

Pedicab at downtown Reno arch

Discover Reno’s thriving craft beer scene and enjoy a one-of-a-kind way to explore the city—on a private pedicab tour. Pick from multiple convenient departure times, meet your guide in central Reno, and hop aboard. You’ll visit three of the city’s up-and-coming craft breweries, with generous samples and guided tours at each. Between visits, spot Reno murals and immerse yourself in the city’s laid-back vibe. Enjoy generous tastings and behind-the-scenes tours at each stop. Exploring by pedicab offers a safe and immersive way to travel. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR!

ATV and Trap Excursion From Reno

ATV's on desert vista

Take a break from the glitz and noise of Reno and make the most of the stunning Sierra Nevada vistas with this unique outdoor experience. Drive an ATV around the picturesque valleys, forests, and alpine deserts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and try your hand at trap shooting at a specially-designed clay pigeon shooting platform. With a guide on hand to coach and lead you through your activities, this experience is great for shooters and off-road drivers of all experience levels. Keep hydrated and energized in the wilderness with free snacks and drinks. Great for families: children aged 8 and above can take part in this trip. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR! 

Burning Man Art and Downtown Mural Private Tour 

Life-size metal art horse rearing Reno

On this tour, you will get to experience some of the best art pieces of Burning Man without having to go to the middle of the desert! The Burning Man Art pieces are constantly rotating so there will always be something new and exciting on this tour! This tour will take you to parts of the Reno Strip, the Truckee River, as well as 4th Street's new Neon Line!                                   CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR! 

Bike Tour Adventure From Reno 

Desert bike tour with people

Discover the beautiful outdoor scenery around Reno's Truckee River and the Sierras on two wheels during this flexible-length cycle trip offering a variety of itineraries. Choose between a mountain bike or a standard hybrid bike, traversing local trails. You may see nature in action with Red-Tailed Hawks, Jack Rabbits, and wild Horses. Exhilaration fills your veins as you wind and spin down back to base camp on the Truckee River. A bike, snacks, water, and a guide are all included. Family-friendly. Free hotel pickup and drop-off are included. Choice of several departures throughout the day.                          CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR!

So, don’t let the rest of 2022 slip away without committing to try one new adventure. It’ll give you something fresh to talk about over the holiday table beside the Kardashians, Aunt Stella’s widening hips, or the Millennials. 

As always, I'd love to hear about YOUR adventures in the comments. Which tour did you choose? What new memories did you make?

Thanks for reading, sharing this post, and following the journey.

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Great posting, Sandi! I would love to do the falcon event! Will look into it.


I love the goat hike! Such interesting experiences! Thanks Sandi!


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