5 Reasons I Use This Jewelry Organizer Everyday - A Review of the Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case, Jewelry & Accessories Holder

In 2019, when I became a Digital Nomad, it was critical that I chose solo female travel gear that could withstand the hardship of gallivanting around the globe. Since then, many of you have requested reviews for my top lifestyle items. Well, your voices are heard with this introductory review for GSO - 5 Reasons I Use This Jewelry Organizer Everyday. So grab your favorite hoops and bangles, here we go:

Teamoy Jewelry Travel Case, Jewelry & Accessories Holder Organizer for Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Watch and More, Roomy, Compact and Portable, Black Review

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You know the drill, you pile your accessories into a ziplock bag for your upcoming trip; only to arrive with your necklaces looking like last night’s Spaghetti. Cute little jewelry organizers don’t hold up, so you give up, and wear the same boring silver hoops for your vacay in Greece. The solution? The Teamoy Jewelry Travel Organizer. It’s the only accessory storage I’ve used for over 3 years. This little wonder of joy not only delivers for travel, but is my champion for living in small spaces…aka…RV travel, living on a trawler, or a tiny house. I even take it to pet sits. Now, if you’re lugging around the Hope Diamond, you may require more substantial protection - like the National Guard. But for us Minion globetrotters, you’re going to love this organizer. 

Teamoy Jewelry Travel Organizer Product Statistics

  • 4.6 stars on Amazon ratings
  • Available in 2 sizes, 7.2 x 4.49 x 2.4 (sml) 6.5 x 9 x 2.75 (med)
  • Nylon exterior, Microfiber Fleece interior
  • Hand-wash gentle
  • I have the small size

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Travel Tip: Listen up everyone, including all you men - not just for accessories, you can use this organizer to store chargers, adapters, toiletries, or any little items that require a flexible space. How cool is that?

Teamoy Reputation:

Teamoy is a reputable company that stands behind their products. Ordering an alternative product may leave you waiting months for the arrival of your organizer, only to find it’s some cheap thing that looks nothing like the photo. Save yourself the frustration. It also means this makes a delicious gift for the traveler in your life. Hint, Hint…

Mine holds: 23 pairs earrings, 8 rings, 10 bracelets, 6 necklaces, & more!!!

Open Teamoy jewelry organizer showing contents

Construction of the Teamoy Jewelry Travel Organizer:

What you don't want

Avoid faux leather as it just doesn’t hold up and may crack or peel in cold weather; we’ve all been there. Avoid rock hard cases that are not adaptable to your packing. Also, avoid girly, silky fabrics. Silk is for your gunders, not your secure jewelry organizer. Your tender little silk case will snag, show stains, and provide the protection of a cotton ball. And organizers that tie with ribbons? Cute in concept, but disastrous for travel as the contents just fall out. Same advice goes for cases that have snap closures or outside pockets. They just seem to fail, especially when you're pushing the limits of their capacity. Skip it. 

What you do want

I recommend a sturdy canvas style organizer that completely zips shut!  I like the coated canvas of the Teamoy organizer, in which you can easily wipe off your morning Cappuccino spill in Croatia. Luckily, I doused it in Scotchguard before my coffee calamity. The zippers are heavy duty, and the handle is perfect for grabbing or tucking it away. Detachable interior padded dividers are anchored with durable velcro, yet provide “cushy cushy” protection for your little darlings you scored at the Paris market.


Speaking of velcro, you can rip those suckers out and adjust them. This means you can tailor your organizer to suit YOUR needs with more flexibility than your downward dog at Saturday’s Yoga class. They also support the structural integrity, giving the case flexibility when shoving it into your bag, yet protecting everything from getting “el squisho.” Hell, you might even gain some space, thus allowing you to purchase more bobbles, bangles, and beads. Woot Woot!  With 2 layers, your items are together, yet separate. When traveling uber light, I’ve used the deeper, bottom section to store my phone charger, extra tidbits, or a rogue piece of dark chocolate. Slurp!

Woman holding Teamoy jewelry organizer zipped shut


Yep, you want a case that zips up tighter than jeans on a cowgirl. This will ensure both of your Turquoise earrings you purchased in South America arrive.  

Another safety tip, I chose boring ‘ol black. While my preference would have been Leopard or Purple (of course), I don’t want my organizer to draw attention, thus inviting less-than-moral people to help themselves.

Pet Sit Tip: curious critters can’t gain access to a zippered case. Take that Bootsie. 

Open Teamoy jewelry organizer top section

Convenience of this Travel Organizer:

To all my Brothers and Sistahs living in compact spaces like your tiny house, that RV you’re cruisin across the USA in, or swaying to life on a boat. Even if you’re tramping across Europe, having all your accessories in one location is better than an upgrade to 1st class. Well…maybe. I challenge you to sort through your 3 gazillion pieces of tired jewelry, choose your top items, donate the rest, and start living easier and  traveling light. And for small space dwellers? This is your little rockstar. Because the organizer zips, your frippery won’t get air-borne when you hit a Texas-sized pothole in your RV or underestimate an ocean swell on your boat. And for all you tiny house residents, this organizer will take up less space than your dirty socks…and without the deadly fumes.

So, click here to order your sexy, yet sturdy Teamoy Jewelry Travel Organizer today. It’s Auntie Sandi approved. Then pack up and go grab your next adventure, turnin’ heads - lookin’ stylin’ every day.

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