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HOT COFFEE & A SUNRISE  How did I get here?...Read On...

As the Yiddish adage says, "Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht, or Man plans, God laughs."  Despite our best efforts, life is full of surprises. We make our plans, start the process and then a door closes only to reveal new opportunities. Such was the case with 2020. But then, the entire world experienced upheaval in 2020. The beautiful thing is throughout that crazy year, I felt a peace, knowing I was in the right place and divinely protected. 

The Original Plan-Return to Reno in January 2020 from an extraordinary 10 months in Europe, eat everything I missed (hello Tacos), visit friends, gain 5 pounds, then go to Chicago in February for a 16 day house/pet sit; after which I would fly to Baltimore for a 2 month house/pet sit in a small town called Solomon's Maryland. After that, I planned on returning to Europe to explore Portugal, Spain, and Italy with  those intoxicating beaches full of cafes, incredible cuisine, and bronzed locals in Speedo's. I was more ecstatic than a 2 for 1 Taco Tuesday in Reno. 

What Really Happened-Well, I made it to Maryland; immediately met a delicious, hunky neighbor, started dating during quarantine (that's another story), extended the housesit for a total of 4 months, then moved onto a boat aptly named "Carpe Diem" with Mr. Handsome in July.

During COVID, we all embraced the ebb and flow of a pandemic, new words such as social distancing, and the true value of toilet paper. Overall, I'm fortunate to be here on a small island, meeting new friends, and not stuck in a foreign country under lockdown. We've all heard those horror stories.

You may recall 1 of my motivators for traveling was to get back to the water. Well, now I'm living on it and loving every day. Did God plan this all along? Did He laugh when I was glued to my laptop, madly searching for European housesitting opportunities? One  reminder this whole COVID "$#*@" has taught me is to stop-be still-listen. It's amazing how much we can accomplish with this simple tool. 

As everyday is Carpe Diem (Latin for seize the day),I hope you take stock of how you are making everyday count. I'm excited to share many of the antics of boat living and travel news. The adventure continues...

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