4 Decisions To Help You Decide Where To Start an Overseas Journey

Among the plethora of logistics involved in moving abroad “at our age,” one decision you’ll need to make is which country to start your journey. Do you want to make a soft landing or jump-in? What should your research include in this decision?  Well, buckle your seat belt and learn what Top 4 Factors you need to consider with your decision.

To “Soft” Landing or Jump-In?

*Language/Culture-Starting a new life overseas means leaving the familiar and embracing everything in a new culture. Let’s face it, some languages, street signs, and numbers you can bumble your way through while others just find you staring like a Deer in the headlights. With all this adjustment, choose a country that makes learning the language and culture a joy, not a chore.

*Safety-As a single woman, this is important. The more I researched, the more I learned about Country By Country Safety Rankings and Safest Countries For Women. Start reading travel blogs by those who have spent time in your countries of interest to learn specific information. Raise your level of awareness and refuse to be a victim. When I walk down the street anywhere, I look bold and radiate strength...in other words, I don’t look like a target. Take a physical safety course, DO IT, and build your confidence. Read housing reviews, make it a point to research the neighborhoods you’re interested in staying; is it close to transportation, food, walk-ability? Are there multiple posts about getting robbed in a specific neighborhood? Have you figured out yet that Research is going to be your middle name for a while?

*Geography Lessons-Do you long to explore major cities or start your journey by decompressing in a smaller town? Do you love the tropics, the coast, mountains, or desert? Deciding on a jumping off point that allows you to explore additional countries easily is a plus. As a new full-time traveler, this gives you flexibility without a lot of travel logistics and worth keeping in mind.

*Mobility/Visas-Depending on your situation, this can be a big slice in your decision pie. Preparing for your new life abroad will include your bank account hemorrhaging expenses. Don’t add to this with Visa expenses and high-transportation costs; meaning, look at the 1st few countries you wish to explore, research Visa requirements, and transportation costs. Is there good public transportation, do you have to secure multiple flights?

Taking some time to drill down these decisions may save you a heap of frustration later on and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your new chapter in life.

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