2021 - What A Ride!

One never knows what a year will bring. We plan, adjust, and hopefully, are flexible...especially with the continuing global uncertainty. I am grateful for health, our freedoms, love of friends, family, and each other. There is an abundance of 'Thank You' going out to each and every one of you who follow my shenanigans. Without your support, great ideas, and encouragement, Go Silver Oyster would be just an idea. So, thank you.  

Winter of 2021 found us navigating life in 418 square feet aboard the Carpe Diem. Inclement  storms provided icy days when the interior heaters just couldn't keep up. Try working in 56 degrees. Of course, these days only happened when Jeff was out of town on business in a cozy, warm office whilst my teeth chattered all day. Why didn't you just go somewhere else and work you ask? Well, when the dock glistens like an ice rink, there's no going anywhere. This time also served for some much needed boat repairs including Jeff holding me by my ankles as I went headfirst down into the bowels of the water tanks with my trusty headlamp, clutching his iPhone attempting to photograph a water leak. That's one way to combat claustrophobia...or insanity. Never a dull moment for sure. 

Spring - We embraced homelessness as the boat needed to be pulled for a necessary engine rebuild. I was told it would take 3 weeks; ya, right! Make that 3 months.🙄 We were blessed to stay with family in the area, yet living out of a suitcase really gets old. Sometime in April, I reached my limit and insisted on moving back aboard while mechanics worked daily putting hundreds of engine pieces back in place. There was even a huge metal crane in the center of the boat with an open engine room below. I didn't care. Thank God we didn't have to pay for the marina slip. During this time we were able to visit family in Florida, thaw, and meet up with dear friends from Reno who happened to be living in Key West. Don't you just love unexpected joy? We celebrated Jeff's big 51 with a 1970's Disco costume party. Just take a look at Mr. Village People and Ms. Big Hair Hippy. Tons of fun. April also found me starting an exciting new business as a Freelance Writer. Thank you dear friends for your encouragement and Jeff for your patience and support. Writing for luxury real estate is a perfect fit and I feel grateful for every project and client.


Hits/Misses/Firsts For Sandi/Jeff/Us - Just some include Chicken and Waffles, learning to drive and navigate a 46' boat, visiting Luray Caverns, Chipped Beef on Toast...aka, "sh*t on a shingle" (🤢), Absinthe (I'm neutral with that one), Renaissance Fair, hiking Mt Rose Summit, trip to Oregon to meet my family, real Mexican food and Horchata in California, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Dungeness Crab, Pet Sitting (Jeff), snorkeling together, and more.

Summer - The opportunity to pet sit in Reno found Jeff and I kayaking on Lake Tahoe, caring for Missy Dog, hiking Mt Rose Summit which exceeds 12 miles and 13,000 elevation, Jeff meeting my extended crazy family in the Bay area, and demonstrating to him that Reno isn't the "sh*t hole" he thought it was. His response after visiting Reno, "it's a really cool place." But we new that already.😁 

Fall - Exploring the Chesapeake Bay and improving our seamanship skills with day trips and a few overnighters proved educational, even reaching the pivotal point of docking without any drama. Yay! We are blessed to have a boat that runs on diesel, requiring little fuel. You can read about our 2-night trip to Smith Island HERE. The big news, of course, was our planned 21 day DelMarVa loop. The logistics and planning took months only to see us zig when we should have zagged on day 4 into an underwater, poorly marked rock formation. Taking on water, calling emergency crews, and having the boat hoisted out of the water with us still on board was not part of the plan. Getting a hotel, moving off the boat, being homeless (again) was not in the plan. Still, I am grateful there were no serious injuries, we didn't sink, and for a clear-headed Captain...and First Mate.

Winter- Being without our floating home, Jeff suggested we pet sit (great idea) 👍 which finds us in Leesburg, VA over the Christmas holiday caring for 2 adorable dogs, a lovely home, and yours truly at the kitchen counter pecking away on the laptop. Staying with family in between, this is our 4th pet sit. In all, we have stayed at a whopping 12 locations in 3 months while our beloved boat gets repaired. Jeff's learning the ropes...err...the leashes of pet sitting. Good news; the Carpe Diem is back in the water and we are excited to move back aboard in January, ahead of schedule. Praise the Lawd! Oh, and that Delmarva loop trip? Well, we will not be defeated. It's on the calendar for fall 2022.

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December found us taking a quick trip to Oregon to celebrate Pop's 80th birthday, introduce Jeff to my family and the Oregon coast, my old stompin' grounds. We stayed with my gracious Aunt and Uncle, howled with laughter playing "Relative Insanity" at family game night, feasted on Dungeness Crab in Newport (a 1st for Jeff), and soaked up a lot of love. Needless to say, Jeff was a hit with my family. 

I think we can all agree 2021 was the Little Miss-Behaving Sibling to 2020. Still, we press on, learn, change, and hopefully grow into more compassionate, intelligent people who seek a Higher Power for guidance. What will 2022 hold? Well, there's a freelance writing business and social media to grow, online courses to take, more articles to write than there is time in a day, make new friends and cherish old friends and family. Plus, ALOT of adventure.

May love be at the center of 2022, filling our lives with abundance, curiosity, and flexibility. I wish to close out this year with gratitude for each one of you who believes in my stories and take the time to share a laugh. Here's to discovering new pearls of life in 2022. 

Let's Go Silver Oyster!

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